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The Curriculum


The curriculum is designed keeping in mind interest and capabilities of every child. At this age the little minds absorb information from their immediate environment. The Curriculum is framed to provide every child with experiences which could enable the child to analyze a concept and develop application skills. The activities are designed to encourage children to think, deduce, analyses and learn basic concepts. Through this activity oriented teaching children gain confidence and feel elated with a sense of achievement. Children are provided a pleasurable learning experience with no stress. Activity oriented approach ensures that children are incited and given ample opportunities to unwind their creative senses and freely express their emotions and feelings.


Curriculum framework has been developed on the foundation of flexibility and accountability so that the student can get knowledge to produce free thinking and action.



The objective is to offer teaching and learning in a safe, secure and nurturing atmosphere wherein all students:

·         Are motivated in their work enabling them to achieve success.

·         Have confidence in their ability and derive satisfaction from their achievements.

·         Experience a balanced curriculum through innovative technology.

·         Develop empathy and interpersonal skills.

·         Learn to be goal oriented.

·         Helped to generate new knowledge by engaging with the information passed on to them by others.

·         Made to think on their own and inculcate in them the life skills necessary for facing the challenges of 
             the present as well as the future.


·         Self recognition and self direction.

·         Creative and critical thinking.

·         Inter personal communication.

·         Learning by doing.

·         Decision Making Skills: Deal constructively with important issues and take appropriate decisions.


·         Lab work and research projects

·         Scouts, guides.

·         Emphasis on concept based understanding and its application.

·         The multiple talents that can be tapped through clubs , Art, Craft, music, dance and public speaking.

·         Continuous and comprehensive assessments which are formative & summative.

·         Mock legislative sessions, debates, quizzes, class-room presentations.

·         Sanskrit shlokas and short skits during Assembly.

·         Giving higher priority and space to opportunities for contemplation and wondering

·         Discussion in groups and activities requiring hands- on experience.