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Co- Curricular Programme


Our respected Chairman Dr.Vijaypat Singhania has constituted Lala Kailashpat Singhania Merit Scholarship scheme to motivate our children to excel in studies. The scholarship is open to the students from Std I to IX & XI and to qualify for the scholarship, a student must not only get the Top score in his respective class, but also exhibit exemplary conduct and behaviour. This special cash award amounts to 50% concession in the Annual fee payable by the student (Std-I-IX & XI) and would be valid for one year. 


This is awarded to the outstanding student of Std -X.


This trophy is awarded to the House that scores the highest aggregate in all curricular and 
co-curricular activities.

CCA competitions.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that three students of our school ---Master Nikhil Kolhe, Mast. Rajat Patte and Mast. Shriniket Lohe of std. XI won third prize in Model Making. They were given certificates, and gift coupons. 

Our student Master Saumyadeep Chanda secured First Position at State Level in MacMillan Exam for English and Science.


Our students participated in several inter school events at the District, Divisional, State and National level and made us feel proud by winning many prizes.
I. Kho - Kho
In Kho-kho, twelve of our boys participated in category under 17 at Block Level Kho- Kho Competition,held at Little step Boregaon.In this four of our boys- Master Pradeep Dehariya, Master Rajat Donode, Master Santosh Yadav and Master Akshay Dhole were selected for the District Level Kho- Kho Competition held at Om Sai International Public school, Sausar
In category under 19, Four of boys – master Milind Tiwari, master Shriniket Lohe, master Radheshyam Pawar and master Shubham Mohod were selected for the District Level KhoKho Competition held at Om Sai International Public School, Sausar.Out of these master Milind Tiwari and master Shriniket Lohe were selected in District team to represent Chhindwara District at Divisional Level KhoKho Competition held at Jabalpur.
In Kho-kho, three of our Girls- Kum. Karishma Supare, Kum. Gulshan Singh and Kum. Kunali Ghugal were selected for the District Level Kho-kho Competition held at Om Sai International Public school, Sausar and represented Chhindwara Dist at the Divisional Sports meet. Kum.Kunali Ghugal of Class X was selected in District team to represent Chhindwara District at Divisional Level Kho - Kho Competition. 

II. Table Tennis 
Miss Apurva Priyadarshini and Miss Ashwini Mali were selected for the team at divisional level in category under 17. In category under 19, Miss Minal Thakre, Miss Ashwini Bagde and Miss Pallavi Deshmukh were selected for Divisional level T.T. Competition held at Jabalpur.

III. Cricket

In block level cricket tournament, under 16 Boys , held at Sunflower school Sausar on 19th Aug. 2011 , nine of our boys were selected for District Level Cricket tournament held at Jilha Parishad Ground Pandhurna on 23rd and 24th Aug. 2011. Out of these two boys Master Rajkumar Sharma and Master Piyush Singh of std. X Performed extremely well and thus were selected for Divisional Level Cricket Tournament held at Jabalpur from 1st to 9th of September, 2011.

In the category under 19 Boys, Six of our boys were selected for District level cricket tournament held at Sunflower School Sausar on 8th Sep. 2011. In this category Master Laxmi Kumar Yadav of std. XII Succeeded in getting a place in District Team and represented Chhindwara District at Divisional LevelCricket tournamentheld at Barghat , Seoni on 13th September , 2011.

IV. Athletics

In Divisional level Athletics Competitions held at Daniel Son’s Public School Chhindwara on 10th Sep. 2011,boys and girls of our school participated in various events under different age categories. 

In Long Jump, Master Pruthvi Serekar ,Master Rajkumar Sharma and Master Neeraj Pandey bagged Gold Medals in the category under 14, under 17 and under 19 respectively.

In shot put , master Shwetank Dviwedi grabbed first Position and won gold medal in category under 17Boys. Kum Shifa Samasthi won gold Medal in shotput in the category under 14 girls.

In High Jump, Miss Riya Ghodmare won gold medal in the catgory under 14 girls and Miss Nayna Kahate won gold in under 17 girls.

In Triple Jump , Master Neeraj Pandey won gold medal in the category under 19 boys and Miss Jyoti 
 won gold medal in the category under 14 girls.

Master Ankush Tiwari bagged gold in Javelin Throw in category under 19 Boys.

From our school two boys Master Neeraj Pandey (under 19) and Master Rajkumar Sharma (under 17) 
participated at State Level Athletics competition held at Jabalpur from 9
th to 13th Oct,2011 in which 
Master Neeraj Pandey bagged Bronze Medal in Triple jump .

V. Volley Ball.

Our school has shown its performance in various team events too. In District level Volley Ball Tournament Kum Riya Ghodmare, Kum Ayshia Khanam , Kum Divyani Bisen and Kum Sayali Paraye were selected for Divisional level Volley Ball Tournament in category under 14 girls.

In category under 17, Kum Nayana Saglani
 Kum Nayana KahateKum Rajani Rahangdale and Kum Sagarika Bobde were Selected for Divisional level volley Ball tournament .In category under 19 girls , Kum Poonam Varma was selected for Divisional level Volley Ball tournament . Among boys who represented school at Block and District levels , Master Shubham Khadatkar and Master Shwetnak Dvivedi were selected forDivisional level volley Ball tournament .

VI. Judo

At District level Judo competition held at Lala Kailashpat Singhania High School ,Vijaygram,Children participated in different weight categories . In this Master Prasoon Singh Rajput got gold medal under the weight cat. 25kg , in wt. category 30kg , master Pruthvi Saregar bagged the gold medal . In wt.Cat. 35 Master Anwar Ali grabbed the gold medal . Master Akshay Mishra and master Tanmay Farkase bagged gold medal in wt.cat. 40kg and 45kg respectively . Master Sachin Kalbande bagged silver medal in wt.cat. 50kg 

Master Anil Jadhav won gold medal in wt.category – 50kg under 17.

Master Sonu Sharma was selected to represent Madhya Pradesh at State level Judo comp.

Among girls , Miss Prachi Kharse , Miss Srusti Singh and Miss Shifa Samasti won gold under wt. cat.-23kg, -32kg and -44kg respectively.

In wt. cat. +45kg Miss sonali Jogi won bronze medal and Miss Tanushree Jana won gold medal. In wt.cat.-52 kg under 17 Miss Jenne Pritlella won gold.

Two children of our school Miss Shikha Bisen ( wt. cat. -61kg) and Miss Mallika Karmele (wt. cat. +61kg) represented Madhya Pradesh at STATE LEVEL JUDO COMPETITION held at Khandwa. Miss Shikha Bisen won gold at STATE LEVEL JUDO COMPETITION and represented Madhya Pradesh at NATIONAL LEVEL JUDO COMPETITION held at Ujjain from 14 Nov to 18 Nov , 2011.

In Pyka judo competition held at Jabalpur on 8/12/2011 master Anurag Rai , master Pritam Ghatode andmaster Shwetank Dwivedi represented Chhindwara at STATE LEVEL JUDO COMPETITION and bagged gold in their respective categories and succeeded in maintaining their position at National Level.

Master Pritam Ghatode and master Shwetank Dwivedi represented Madhya Pradesh at NATIONAL LEVEL JUDO COMPETITION.

At STATE LEVEL JUDO COMPETITION organized by Education Academi on 29 Nov , 2011 master Piyush Singh, master Sonu Sharma, kum Mallika Karmde,kum Shikha Bisen represented Chhindwara District.