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1 Ulysses   Click Here
2 The Invisible Man   Click Here
3 The-''Genius''   Click Here
4 The Time Machine   Click Here
5 The Count of Monte Cristo   Click Here
6 The Best Ghost Stories   Click Here
7 The Call of the Wild   Click Here
8 TThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes   Click Here
9 The Arabian Nights   Click Here
10 The Analects of Confucius   Click Here
11 Siddhartha   Click Here
12 Macbeth   Click Here
13 Moby Dick   Click Here
14 Les Misérables   Click Here
15 Jane Eyre   Click Here
16 Great Expectations   Click Here
17 English Synonyms and Antonyms   Click Here
18 Don Quixote   Click Here
19 Alice-in-Wonderland   Click Here
20 Collected-Works-of-Poe   Click Here
21 A-Little-Princess   Click Here
22 Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn   Click Here
23 The-Mysterious-Affair-at-Styles   Click Here
24 The-Grammar-of-English-Grammars   Click Here
25 Pride-and-Prejudice   Click Here
26 Emma   Click Here
27 20000-Leagues-Under-the-Sea   Click Here
28 Wuthering-Heights   Click Here
29 The-Complete-Works-of-William-Shakespeare   Click Here